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Refer and Earn!

Did you know that you can earn $20 every time you refer a friend to 123-cigs.com?

If you have a friend who loves smoking and is overpaying for their cigarettes, we have a perfect solution for both of you! Our 'Refer and Earn' program rewards you for spreading the word about 123-cigs.com and giving you a chance to earn extra money once your friend places an order with us. Your friend, on the other hand, becomes our VIP with all the benefits and saves a lot of money on their favorite cigarettes.

How do I refer my friends?

There are two ways:
  1. Either you call/email us your referral's details and our friendly staff will get in contact with your friend OR
  2. Your referral can call us directly and quote your full name as a referee.
Terms and Conditions
  1. Anyone who has an account with 123-cigs.com is allowed to participate in the referral program;
  2. Rewards are paid only as a 'credit' to your active account. No other form of payment is accepted;
  3. Newly referred client purchase with a minimum of $100 or 6 Cartons within 10 days of the new account being created;
  4. Referee's address must not be recognized on our database;
  5. Referee and Referrer cannot reside in the same address;
  6. If 'credit' is made in error, or is determined to be the result of fraud, 123-cigs.com reserves the right to decline or reverse 'credit';
  7. 123-cigs.com reserves the right to terminate, change the reward scheme, or any other aspect of the program at any time and without notice;

Once you have earned rewards, you may choose when you want your $20 credit to be redeemed.
Introduce your Friends to 123-cigs.com and get rewarded when they order!

To find out more Call Us: 1-607-821-2152 (Monday to Friday 5.00a.m. to 5.00p.m. EST) Or Email Us: [email protected]

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