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New policy:

In the last two years we have noticed the decline in the service offered by USPS and we can no longer be held responsible for their lack of professionalism, staff, time or resources that result in the non-delivery of packages to our customers.

In many cases, they do not update the status of packages on their website. Any package which has a status on their website has been scanned upon arrival in the United States, as the shipper does not provide advance notice of tracking numbers to USPS prior to shipment:

Origin post is preparing shipment: package has arrived in the United States and the tracking number has been scanned.

In-Transit: Processed through facility Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel: package left Israel at the time stated on this status and the package has been scanned on arrival in the United States.

In-Transit: Processed through facility ISC New York, NY (USPS): package has been scanned into the USPS International Service Center in New York (customs).

In-Transit: arrived/departed - network distribution center/regional facility/sort facility: package has cleared customs and is en-route to your address.

In-Transit: (date) In Transit to Next Facility: package has cleared customs and is en-route to your address.

In-Transit: (date) Arrived at Unit (location): package has arrived at the USPS depot stated in the notice, on the date listed.

In-Transit: (date) Out for Delivery: package is being delivered on the date specified.

Alert: (date) Awaiting Delivery Scan: package has been delivered, however, has not been updated to delivered status by the mail man on return to the depot.

Delivered: (date) (location): package has been delivered and updated as such.

Moved, no forwarding address: package was to be delivered to address given on order, however, customer has since moved.

Forwarded: (date) (location): package has been forwarded to alternative address, as redirection instructions have been given to USPS.

When placing an order with the site you are confirming you have agreed to our terms of use and understand that we guarantee only to process and ship your order and to provide you with a working tracking number. We are not responsible for any non-delivery of goods due to the activity of USPS.

All of the products shipped from our store are sent through international airmail, and comply with international mail regulations in regard to the sale and shipping of duty-free products internationally.

We offer Regular Shipping which costs $4.5 per carton.

Shipment time is from the date your order is shipped. Orders are shipped once they are fully funded, with e-check this takes 5 to 7 business days from the date your order is sent for processing.

Each product ordered in our store is sent in its own package, this ensures that the restrictions that apply to weight and value for duty free products is not surpassed.

Every package is packaged separately, and for security reasons, sent one package per shipment. This means your parcels will arrive in intervals.

Please remember to include your full shipping address when filling out the order form, to ensure that you receive your products as fast as possible.

To obtain more information, please call us on: 315-707-4477 (Monday to Friday 7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. EST; also: Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. till 4 p.m EST)

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